Topper Jones

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When the facts don’t add up in his surf buddy’s bizarre death, financial consultant (and daddy-to-be) Thaddeus Hanlon investigates, volunteering to go undercover to pick up where best friend Rafi Silva left off in a secret probe of the U.S. gold stockpile and ends up triggering a brutal manhunt meant to silence anyone looking to set the ledger straight.

Surfing crime-fighter Thaddeus Jude Hanlon and his sassy sidekick Bri de la Guerra debut in this fast-moving, action-packed mystery from Topper Jones. All That Glisters is an edgy contemporary mystery involving financial skullduggery, high-level political intrigue, and a behind-the-scenes view of cyber sleuthing.


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Widower and newly licensed private investigator, Thad Hanlon, takes a break from catching waves along the California Central Coast to land his first client—a former exotic dancer from Bakersfield looking for her surf prodigy son who has gone missing in the wake of cult violence terrorizing Oceano Beach. 
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