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Prepping for Your Debut Podcast Interview

What’s it like to be a podcast guest? And how do you prep? Read on for a few Tips & Tricks from my recent experience.

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Composite Photo: Ryan M. Oliver


“One of the best ways to create buzz for your book is by doing radio and podcast interviews...”

— Aileen Weintraub (Writers Digest)


Shortly after receiving the ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) for All that Glisters, I reached out to several podcasters specializing in interviewing authors. I wanted to “create buzz” for my debut mystery’s worldwide release date on September 20, 2023, and the Official Book Launch Party on October 13th.


Most of the podcasters I contacted were already booked solid for those dates or the surrounding weeks. Fortunately, host Ryan Oliver of the Mighty Books Podcast had an open slot that he could slot me in. We did the podcast interview on October 20th.  This last week, with post-production finally complete, Ryan uploaded the interview to his YouTube podcast site and to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Audible.


What’s It Like to Be a Podcast Guest?


In a word, TERRIFYING! And it’s not like I haven’t been on the stage before. I have. I spent 30 years as a professional educator in front of college classrooms, large and small.


But this was different. Podcasts are permanent. They live on the Internet. Forever! If you flub the opportunity...


So, How Did I Prepare?


One of the bits of wisdom I’ve collected over the years is this gem: “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.”


Boy, did I prepare and then some. First, I researched the host and what to expect from the show. I listened to several interviews to get a feel for the host’s style and get a sense of the flow. I read through the host's background and bio.


Next, I prepared my talking points. I wrote out long-form answers to every question I expected the host to ask. I even sent him some questions I thought might interest his podcast listeners.


Then I rehearsed, working on my enunciation and inflection. Just before I sat down in front of the computer to fire up the Zoom login to the podcast host, my wife gave me a big kiss and told me: “You got this!”


How Did the Podcast Go?


Turns out, my wife was right. I was ready. Poised and prepared. It felt like I was back in front of an audience once again. My hands shook, but only a little, and off screen so the host never saw them.


To hear my interview with Mighty Books Podcast Host, Ryan Oliver, on YouTube, click here:


You can also catch the podcast on other streaming services: Apple Podcasts, Spotify,  and Audible.


What Would I Do Differently?


I’d “Master the Wrap Up” as author Aileen Weintraub suggests. In addition to thanking the interview and telling listeners how to get a copy of your book (which at least I had the presence of mind to do), she counsels providing “actionable steps for the audience to find out more about you.” Specifically, she recommends letting listeners know how to find you on the web, what your social media handles are, and mention any upcoming readings or book giveaways.


Hope you enjoy my debut in the world of podcasting.


P.S. And lest I forget for a second time, here’re my socials and how to find me on the web:



X (formerly Twitter):




Further Exploration


8 Steps to Prepare for Podcasts and Radio Interviews to Promote Your Forthcoming Book by Aileen Weintraub (Writers Digest, Aug 24, 2022).


12 Podcast Guest Tips: How to Be a Great Podcast Interviewee by Colin Gray (The Podcast Host, July 5, 2021).



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